Monday, August 16, 2010

Water in moon !!!

New Discovery - Water in moon !!!

This was the headline which hit the news stand just few days back. It started off with Chandrayaan's mission to moon. Even though the mission was a failure, it brought the good news that there is scope for life in moon as there were trace of glaciers.

This discovery indeed deserves appreciation. Not only to the scientists who were toiling hard  but also to each and every person who put their heart and soul to tried to make this mission a success. Hats off to each and everyone for this discovery which would bring a glimpse of good fortune to mankind whose future otherwise looks bleak what with Global warming and such.

While talking about the Global Warming we should think what we have done from our end to contribute to it.

1.    Did we stop to think what are we doing to this earth?
2.    Did we use less paper so that we can preserve our forests?
3.    Did we stop buying new and luxurious  vehicles there by contributing to environment pollution?
Lets’ take an example of our own garden City Bangalore. This city boasted off about having more than 280 lakes in late 60’s. Yeah..You read it right…it was 280 something lakes in and around of Bangalore.

Famous Ulsoor Lake

Among these if you could find even one now (unpolluted) ,then you should get your eyes tested .This City, otherwise Nicknamed as Silicon valley of east, the IT boom brought in jobs, then homes and then water pollution.

A small view of Bellandur Lake

Now these lakes are nothing but enhanced septic tanks. We were not able to save even one lake among this 280.

Different corner of Ulsoor Lake

Let us take another common example of our HOLY GANGA. This river’s holiness was in its ability to cure great many diseases since the river washes through the valleys of Himalayas which houses several un-discovered medicinal plants.

The holy Ganga is no more Holy…We pollute it in the name of religion. Now Ganga ‘s water does not have medicinal powers instead it carries half burned human remains and other industrial waste. Reason? Burial near Ganga is sacred and holy but polluting it is not !!!!!
Hence do you really think that we would need to contribute a Global Warming in MOON? We don’t think so.

Image of river Ganga taken from Internet

Let the discovery of water in Moon or other planets remain as a mystery as always. It would bring more harm to this universe than anything else.At least let those planets be safe from our pollution.


  1. Wise words and I like your way of thinking. I think we have enough with destroying this planet. Greetings.

  2. Nicely captured images. I appreciate your way of thinking

    keep going

  3. Nice article and shocking photographs.I did my schooling in BANGALORE in early sixties and was a witness to the beautiful lakes that were there.And what a contrasting picture now!your photographs are eloquent!regards.


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